About UK Airshow Review

UK Airshow Review (UKAR) can trace its roots back to 1996, when it was established as a small internet presence for the site’s original webmaster Paul Osborne to share his opinions on airshows the length and breadth of the UK. Since that time the site has grown exponentially in its popularity and over its long history has undergone many changes, though it has always remained free to use and not-for-profit. Renowned for lively debate and the high calibre photography exhibited by the membership, the forums are by far UKAR's most popular asset and have become something of a cult amongst the enthusiast community, encompassing all aspects of aviation.

While the team behind the articles has changed a lot over the years, with familiar faces having come and gone, the core ethos of the journalism remains the same: impartial, honest reviews of British and overseas airshows supported by high quality photography, all from the enthusiast’s point-of-view. This principle has helped to create an unmatched level of trust between the site, its team and the UK airshow industry with many shows eagerly anticipating our reviews after their gates have shut for a truthful assessment, and in order to maintain that trust we make a point of never applying for press credentials for the purposes of an airshow’s review - everything comes from the paying public’s experience.

The group of writers and photographers on the UKAR staff team come from all walks of life and ages from airshow enthusiasts to aviation industry experts and active pilots. This gives us a wide range of experiences and perspectives on which to draw our opinions and inform our journalism. In 2020, as a response to the crippling effect the COVID-19 crisis had on the airshow world we started The UK Airshow Review Podcast, giving our community a chance to listen to the thoughts, feelings and general chat we enjoy about the industry.

It’s a sad fact that the UK airshow scene has shrunk over the years, exacerbated in no small part by the terrible Shoreham tragedy of 2015. Despite this, we have been able to continue our level of coverage of the British airshow scene and expand that coverage with interviews, opinions and editorials. Our writers are regular attendees at airshows all over the world with reviews from events as far as Russia, the USA and even North Korea having been published on the site and frequently bring the best online coverage of rare and exciting enthusiast’s items from overseas.

Aside from airshows, our material also includes feature coverage of aviation events such as military exercises, air arm and squadron reports, general and vintage aviation activities and restorations, US carrier operations, photocalls and spotterdays and museum reviews.

UKAR was the first site to provide live arrivals photography and updates for the Royal International Air Tattoo and we have since expanded that to include arrivals at other British airshows. Since 1996 we have established ourselves as one of Europe’s foremost enthusiast outlets, our forums and social media outlets popular spots for aviation fans across the planet to share their photos, discuss airshows and the wider aviation scene and engage in spirited debate on the burning issues of the day.