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Week 40, October 2017

Pictures Of The Week
Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week
Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Swiftly but surely the season draws to a close, and we're already into October. Nevertheless, we're still enjoying some of the quality photography posted of the Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow at the end of September, and Arthur's shot of Air Leasing's gorgeous Seafire III struck us. Full of colour, motion and detail, sometimes the basics are the best, and Arthur has captured it all.

    Image © Arthur Griffin

  2. Keeping us at Duxford, Jakub also caught our eye with his well-framed study of Historic Aircraft Collection's Hurricane Mk XIIa, currently painted as P3700 in commemoration of the famed Polish 303Sqn, and its commitment to fighting in the Battle of Britain. The shot is expertly framed, and the cleanliness of the background (which can sometimes go against a photo) draws the eye to the subject.

    Image © Jakub Zurek

  3. If the previous photo was a lesson in how cleanliness can enhance a photo, then "FlatEric999" has given a lesson in how the very opposite can work well. A great many try and a great many fail at giving photos a historic wartime look, but these are as good as we've seen on the forums for some time, helped in some part by the Great War Display Team subjects. It's always great to be creative, bend or even break rules, and push the boat out in photography - often, "creative" attempts wont work, but when they do, they can be outstanding.

    Image © 'FlatEric999'

  4. The classic jet scene in the UK is going through what can only be described with optimism as a trough at the moment. After the Shoreham accident, appetite to see UK-based classic jet aircraft has waned, and rising costs have put the scene on its knees. Sadly, all we're left with is images of these venerable birds taken from other shores, and Dan provided our fix this week. Taken at NAS Oceana Airshow, Vampire WR016 is operated by Vampire Aviation LLC, who have two Vampires, are rumoured to be working on bringing an ex-Swiss Air Force Venom and Sea Venom to display at airshows in the US next year.

    Image © Dan Reeves

  5. Mildenhall and Lakenheath have been a hive of activity recently, with plenty of interesting movements. Two of which are P-3C Orions belonging to VP-46 "Grey Knights" passing through RAF Mildenhall. Interestingly enough, VP-46 are the second oldest aircraft squadron in the US Navy, and are ordinarily based out of NAS Whitby Island, Washington, and have been flying different variants of the now-rare P-3 Orion since 1963.

    Image © Matt Varley

  6. One of the consolations of the onset of winter is the absolutely mesmerising deep-orange winter lighting conditions on offer when the weather gods play ball, as they should, in Greece, where Vassilis took this outstanding shot of a Hellenic Air Force F-16C, of the much loved "Zeus" demo at the recent Athens Flying Week.

    Image © Vassilis Kosteres

  7. We love "golden oldies" on UKAR, even when some of them remind us how old we are all getting. Whilst the Luftwaffe retired the last of their F-4 Phantoms in a retirement event that put most other retirement events to shame at Wittmund in 2013, JG74 traded-in their Phantoms for EF2000s half a decade earlier, in 2008, and it is their "phly-out" specially-marked jet that Chris presents us with. Outstanding composition, characterful subject, clean and picturesque background - what's not to love?

    Image © 'BigClick67'