Pictures Of The Week

Week 11, March 2017

Pictures Of The Week
Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week
Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week

Clockwise from top left:

  1. The USAF airfields of Suffolk have a very special place in our hearts thanks to the unusual and rare aircraft that they attract. Regular visitors to these bases to perform circuits are the E-3A AWACS on NATO. Mark recently ended up 'head on' during one of these circuits.

    Image © Mark Rourke

  2. Red Flag may attract many to the South West of the USA however this area also has it's own Mach Loop known as Jedi Transition. During a recent trip, UKAR Staffer Rod caught this superb shot of a Hornet pulling hard through the Canyon.

    Image © Rod McDonough

  3. The Army Air Corps Apache fleet regularly deploy north to the Otterburn ranges for exercises and, if you know where to go, helicopters in this area can supply some unique angles. Danny obviously knows these spots and used them to great effect to capture this aggressive shot.

    Image © Danny Bowie

  4. UK Staffer and POTW regular Brian recently made one of his regular trips to Duxford where he caught the newest of a growing number of two-seat Spitfires taking advantage of the good weather. Seen here conducting ground trials, the aircraft made its first post-restoration flight last Saturday morning and will be soon be flying customers as part of the Aero Legends fleet.

    Image © Brian Marshall

  5. The Cold War Jets collection at Bruntingthorpe is unique in the UK due to the vast majority of their assets being kept in a taxiing condition. Famed for their fast taxi days and Lightning night shoots, the wider collection recently hosted a night photoshoot. Jonathan was on hand and caught this fantastic image of a venerable Buccaneer cycling its wing fold during the length of the exposure.

    Image © Jonathan Hughes

  6. Farnborough has been, for years, considered to be a shadow of its former self. However on a good weather day some of the angles that are on offer can still result in some superb images. Combine that with a large aircraft such as the A-400M being thrown around like a fighter and shots such as Paul's can be taken.

    Image © Paul Langford

  7. The Orbis flying Eye Hospital has helped thousands of people world wide with life limiting sight problems who would otherwise not been able to seek treatment. It is a unique and very important aircraft that rarely visits the UK. Dan happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture this modern wonder as it recently visited our shores.

    Image © Dan Elms

Pictures Of The Week

Week 10, March 2017

Pictures Of The Week
Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week
Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week

Clockwise from top left:

  1. With a distinct lack of large evening/sunset Airshows in the British Isles it is a challenge to obtain shots of the Red Arrows illuminated by beautiful low sunlight. Before relocating to Cyprus, the Reds undertake intensive winter training at RAF Scampton and with the British weather, opportunities to capture this shot in the UK is rare. Michael just so happened to be on hand.

    Image © Michael Hallam

  2. Bartosz's photos always cause a buzz on the UKAR forums. His latest set stems from a 2015 air-to-air shoot with a pair of Polish F-16s. As always the quality is superb, but what makes these shots special is that one is carrying the DB-110 Recce Pod, rarely photographed at the best of times.

    Image © Bartosz Bera

  3. The Rafale could arguably be called the most beautiful modern fighter currently in service, however it can be difficult to capture one in its home environment. Reinier recently gained access to St Dizier where he captured this unusual angle of the Rafale at rest in its shelter.

    Image © Reinier Bergsma

  4. It can't have escaped your notice that there is a major US Army airborne deployment in progress to Europe. The large fleet on helicopters has begun to arrive at Bremerhaven Docks where they are undertaking air tests before moving to Illesheim Army Airfield in Bavaria. Forum member 'Bigclick67' was on hand to capture this Apache on its air test upon arrival to Europe.

    Image © 'BigClick67'

  5. When Ramex Delta displayed for the final time in 2016, the aviation world mourned the loss of a unique and innovative duet in a world dominated by solo military fast jet displays. Fear not, unlike the dwindling support for airshows from the RAF, the French Air Force have immediately replaced the Mirage 2000Ns of Ramex Delta with a new duo called Ramex Courteau (Knife) this time flying Mirage 2000D. Not only is there a new team in town, a Mirage 2000D has been painted in this eye catching "Vanille-Chocolat" sand scheme to mark the 30th anniversary of the Ouadi Doum mission carried out by Chad based Jaguars. 'Raptor25' was on hand to capture one of the first appearances of the newly painted aircraft.

    Image © 'Raptor25'

  6. Even though they have recently appeared at RIAT, the F-5BM of the Spanish Air Force is a rare beast and not often captured within its home nation. Kelvin recently crossed the border from Portugal and visited La Talavera Air Base in the hope of getting some action. He was awarded with multiple Tiger missions, allowing him to capture this excellent shot of a pair on approach.

    Image © Kelvin Sullivan

  7. There are certain nations who paint their aircraft in camouflage schemes which suit the aircraft they are covering. One such nation is Oman whose light sand paint scheme works well on larger aircraft. Recently caught by Matt passing through Cambridge on its way to Larnaca was the excellent example on an Omani C-130J which shows off the scheme at its best.

    Image © Matt Varley