Pictures Of The Week

Week 49, December 2017

Pictures Of The Week
Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week
Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week

Clockwise from top left:

  1. The mighty An-22 is a very rare visitor to UK shores. This wonderful image shows this brute of a transport aircraft in the unfamiliar setting of Manchester Airport.

    Image © Westleigh Bushell

  2. RAF Marham at sunset can produce some beautiful imagery with the right lighting, as this shot of a pair of Tornado GR4s lining up to launch demonstrates.

    Image © Jonathan Haylock

  3. The Mirage 2000 is a firm favourite of many here at UKAR with its sleek lines and Cold War heritage giving plenty of appeal. This image of one of G.C 1/2's aircraft in its HAS is beautifully lit and full of atmosphere.

    Image © Mathias Grägel

  4. Imagery from South Korea is pretty uncommon so these shots from Seol's ADEX 2017 caught our eye. This image of a KAI KUH-1 Surion demonstrates some of the wonderfully esoteric aircraft on display.

    Image © Leon Loberman

  5. We stay overseas for our next image, an Argentine navy T-28 Trojan. Carrying it's allocation to the Argentine aircraft carrier, the 25th De Mayo, under the tail the aircraft is captured visiting Fort Lauderdale. With such beautiful clear light and a fantastic vantage point this image really caught our eye.

    Image © Rob Starling

  6. Our next image captures an aircraft more familiar in the UK, though sadly absent from the UK airshow circuit for many years now. The aircraft is seen here part dismantled and awaiting the next chapter in this aircraft's history.

    Image © Cameron Sys

  7. Finally this week we have a lovely capture of one of HM Coastguard's AW-189 aircraft. The combination of a lovely clear winter's day and those colourful, eye catching markings make this an image well worth sharing.

    Image © Terry Coombes