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Week 14, April 2017

Pictures Of The Week
Pictures Of The Week
Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week Pictures Of The Week

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Our forums are regularly visited by some of Poland's best photographers - a country which seems to produce some outstanding work, and with a very varied aviation inventory. Piotr has really captured the essence of the power produced when an F-16 takes off, that one mighty engine throwing up spray as the jet lifts off. Poland has one of the most advanced F-16 fleets in the world, having operated the Block 52+ model since 2006, alongside the considerably older MiG-29A.

    Image © Piotr Kostur

  2. A great bit of outside-the-box thinking produced this marvellous photograph from RAF Lossiemouth. Sadly the person writing these captions doesn't know enough about golf to make the puns this image deserves, but it's telling how play has stopped to watch this "birdie" on approach - wonder if the players know it's not an "Eagle"? That kind of knowledge is certainly "par for the course" among the enthusiast community. We're always grateful to see shots from Joint Warrior, a location sadly all but inaccessible for most of us in the country, especially as there is usually a great variety of naval equipment.

    Image © David Jones

  3. We are only a month away from the UK airshow season getting underway but the American audiences are already enjoying their fix of aerial entertainment. Parachute displays are often accompanied by interesting aircraft, that may not otherwise be seen regularly at airshows; and it was one of those that is the subject of Peter Fenwick's image from the 2017 El Centro Airshow. The US Navy Grumman C2 Greyhound captured by Peter was utilised by The Providers team as their jump ship and is surrounded by some glorious blue sky - lets hope we see plenty of that in attendance throughout the UK season!

    Image © Peter Fenwick

  4. The wonderful "Scooter" continues to do sterling work in Germany as part of Discovery Air Defence Services providing aggressor training for the German armed forces. Though the A-4 isn't a jet one could realistically call beautiful, it certainly looks the business, especially with all the flaps and panels opened up as in Peter's shot. Sadly they so far haven't travelled to the UK, meaning that one has to travel to catch these Cold War gems.

    Image © Peter Steehouwer

  5. What one German pilot called "the most masculine jet in NATO", the Panavia Tornado certainly looks more like a flying punch than an assassin's dagger. It won't be long before the RAF's fleet flies no more, with these tired workhorses starting to show their age. The Tornado is probably the UK's hardest working aircraft type since the Second World War, having taken part in every conflict since the first Gulf War. Despite this, they still perform their duties and took part in Frisian Flag in the Netherlands this year.

    Image © Reinier Bergsma

  6. Our final image from this week's edition of POTW, comes from the Leonardo Helicopters HQ in Yeovil. This example of the AW101, ZR339, was captured by Stu Weston looking resplendent in the Somerset sun, displaying a much colourful appearance to the Merlin than we commonly get to see in its various military guises.

    Image © Stu Weston